Wilson Sisters Adventures 3: Allegiance, the Wild Kaimanawa

Wilson Sisters Adventures 3: Allegiance, the Wild Kaimanawa - Kelly Wilson

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Nina faces her greatest challenge yet — winning over a fierce Kaimanawa stallion!

Nina's and Lily’s wild horse adventures take off at a gallop when they get the opportunity of a lifetime to help Kelly Wilson save five wild stallions from slaughter.

All of a sudden, Nina is in charge of training a mature stallion called Allegiance, a huge step up from her little yearling Thunder!  The stallions are flightier and fiercer than Nina and Lily could have imagined, and they’re left second-guessing if they’re up for the challenge.

Will Nina’s hard work and determination pay off in time for them to compete in the Freedom to Friendship Challenge at Equidays, the nation’s biggest equestrian event?



From the author of the bestselling Showtym Adventures series, this third novel in the Wilson Sisters Adventures follows Kelly Wilson's and Nina Sutherland's experiences with wild horses, and is inspired by true events.

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