WildLives: 50 Extraordinary Animals that Made History - Ben Lerwill

WildLives: 50 Extraordinary Animals that Made History - Ben Lerwill

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True tales of wild and wonderful lives to be treasured forever!

In this fascinating and touching book, children can learn about 50 courageous creatures from around the world and throughout history. This captivating collection gathers heart-warming, surprising and often emotionally powerful stories of bravery, discover and friendship. Featuring a range of animals - from heroes, helpers and adventurers to achievers and many more - young readers will discover some of the most famous and unforgettable animals of all time. Compelling and visually arresting in equal measure, this is the perfect introduction to just some of the amazing animals whose wild lives have made history.

Author bio:
Ben Lerwill studied French at university but never tells French people this. He's been working as a freelance travel writer for more than a decade, which means his house is cluttered with atlases, guidebooks and ill-fitting socks he had to buy from a Serbian market after forgetting to pack any of his own. Again. His writing has appeared in more than 50 national and international publications, from The Sunday Times to National Geographic Traveller.

Ben's passions include the outdoors, music, wildlife, running and reading. He is thrilled that, through children's books, he can share his enthusiasm about the wider world with young readers. He's at his happiest when he's on a long walk and his children haven't yet pinched all the snacks.

Sarah Walsh grew up in upstate New York. When she was little she was obsessed with animals. So much so that she wanted to be one. Her mom knew this and sewed her an assortment of costumes she could wear all year round. She was also obsessed with drawing and from a very small age knew in her heart she would be an artist someday. If....she worked hard enough and practised. Currently Sarah is an internationally published illustrator with several adult colouring books, children's board books, activity books, and greeting cards under her belt. She lives with her family in Kansas City. Her work and other notions can be found at Sarahwalshmakesthings.com.

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