Why Do Birds Do That? - Dr Grainne Cleary

Why Do Birds Do That? - Dr Grainne Cleary

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 Over fifty answers to the most often asked questions

An entrancing, informative book filled with answers to many of the common questions we ask about birds and their lives.

For thousands of years birds have fascinated us. We've observed what they do - their behaviours, their characteristics, their survival skills, the food they eat and their habitats - and wondered why they do it.

Why Do Birds Do That? answers many of these often-asked questions, such as: Why do birds sing in the mornings? Why are some birds so colourful and others are not? Why do starlings form murmurations? Why do birds have 3 eyelids? and Why do birds attack their own reflections?

In an easy-to-find question & answer format, Why Do Birds Do That? provides fascinating and comprehensive information about the birds we watch every day.

If you have ever wondered why birds behave as they do, you will find the answers in this book.


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