What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Mark Sedon

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Mark Sedon

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This is not a climbing book, it’s an easy read story book everyone can relate to from a life filled with adventure, visiting the far corners of the globe, and about surviving when things really go wrong!

From the Himalaya to the Antarctic and back to New Zealand, it has been Kiwi adventurer Mark Sedon’s mission in life to never waste a day. In this book, Sedon shares thrilling tales of exploration, adventure and misadventure growing up in the outdoors, followed by skiing and mountaineering in New Zealand and later as a climbing and ski guide, travelling all seven continents of the world including climbing Mt Everest. “It’s amazing how fast life can change,” explains Sedon. “From enjoying the time of your life, to almost losing it. A split second, a small mistake, a shift in events can kill you, cause an injury. Or you might just sneak through, unknowingly escaping catastrophe by the smallest of margins . . .” Such has been Sedon’s personal experience. From breaking his back when he was buried in an avalanche, to watching helplessly high up on an erupting volcano, almost dying in a catastrophic helicopter crash, a severe brain haemorrhage, dropping a burning sack of explosives onto a helicopter skid, a 10m fall into a crevasse, starving for five days in a shipping container in remote Papua, and a yacht fire and broken mast in the Southern Ocean.

What could possibly go wrong, is a question Sedon no longer voices out loud. Yet, the adventures have not stopped. While there is a very real fear of dying, for Sedon, the fear of not living is greater. While it may sound like a reckless approach to life, as Sedon explains, “Perceived risk is very relative to where you are standing and what your background is.”

What Could Possibly Go Wrong delivers an important message to every would-be thrill-seeker about understanding and mitigating risk and for those, like Sedon, happy then to accept the risk, it’s about living life to the fullest. Or to inspire you into trying a smaller safe adventure close to home such as walking a bit further than usual, to an unknown area, to get out there and expand your horizons.

Whether you share the author’s love of adventure or prefer to experience it from the pages of a book, these tales of euphoric highs and spectacular near-misses will stay with you for years to come...



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