Vege Patch from Scratch - Jo McCarroll

Vege Patch from Scratch - Jo McCarroll

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Enjoy a successful harvest with this stress-free approach to creating a vege patch from scratch.

Whether you’re new to gardening, wanting to save a bit of money or to grow some fresh healthy food, this book offers easy-to-follow steps for starting and sustaining your very own vegetable garden.

Vege Patch from Scratch will teach you the fundamentals of growing pretty much everything, plus show you how to grow fresh food at home – whether in a courtyard, on a deck, in pots on the windowsill, or in a large vegetable patch.

Inside you will find how to:

  • Plan your garden to make the most of your site’s sun and shelter
  • Understand the health of your soil and make it even better
  • Grow more plants from seeds, seedlings and cuttings
  • Plant by the season and soil temperature
  • Grow edibles in small spaces, pots and containers
  • Learn the pros and cons of hybrids vs heirloom varieties
  • Grow more veges with succession planting and intercropping
  • Build a self-watering raised vege bed.

About the Author:
Jo McCarroll has been the editor of NZ Gardener for 15 years and has a wealth of gardening knowledge.  She is passionate about inspiring everyone to get growing by starting small and continuing to experiment and learn.


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