Unquiet Time Aotearoa/NZ in a fast changing world - Colin James

Unquiet Time Aotearoa/NZ in a fast changing world - Colin James

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NEW REPRINT - “Colin James has written a fascinating book that deserves to be read and thought about. “I am left with the take-away message that New Zealand is bobbing about like a cork on a rough global sea and the future will be difficult. “In my judgment this book is a significant achievement for which we can all be grateful.” Sir Geoffrey Palmer, LAWTALK.

In Unquiet Time, Colin James describes a world in disorder as it rebalances politically, economically and demographically; a technology that is changing the way we live and ‘work’ and globalising us in new ways; looming environmental limits, climate change and biosecurity and pandemic threats; a need for new thinking; and likely major shocks.

This is habitat tiny Aotearoa/New Zealand must navigate as it goes into the 2020s. Much has changed since the last big social and policy upheaval in the 1980s, in the way this country conducts itself internationally, in its bicultural makeup turning multicultural, in its management and mismanagement of a unique but threatened natural environment, in its economy and in its now unequal society. There are many challenges but also many opportunities in this highly attractive place. Who will we be? Unquiet Time poses the questions and suggests some answers.

The Author Colin James is a journalist who has specialised in politics and policy since 1969. He has written six books and many chapters in books and papers, given many briefings to business, not-for-profits and government agencies, including future projections, and has contributed to many conferences at home and abroad. This book brings together what he has learnt from that. He is a senior associate of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, has an honorary doctorate from Victoria University of Wellington, is a fellow of the Institute of Public Administration and is a life member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and the E Tu Union.

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