Toyotas: A Kiwi Obsession - Steve Holmes

Toyotas: A Kiwi Obsession - Steve Holmes

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Toyota vehicles are interwoven into New Zealand lives, and virtually every person living in this country has either owned or driven a Toyota. But these aren’t just vehicles renowned for their reliability and dependability, they also have a strong cult following.

Toyotas – A Kiwi Obsession, celebrates Toyota vehicles in New Zealand, and the huge variety of roles they play. The book features everything from work vehicles, to modified road cars, classic cars, and race cars, including Toyota V8 powered Stockcars, and even a one-off factory supported Toyota V8 powered 1969 McLaren Can-Am car. Also included are Toyota related memorabilia.

This is the ultimate motoring coffee table book, and a must not only for every Toyota enthusiast, but every car enthusiast.



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