To the Rescue: Smarty Pup 3 - Anh Do

To the Rescue: Smarty Pup 3 - Anh Do

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The next RED HOT adventure in this full-colour series from mega-bestselling author Anh Do, guest-starring Weirdo!


'I've decided what to be when I grow up!' announced JJ. 'I want to be a firedog!'

Lily and JJ the genius pup are thrilled when Chief Firefighter Do and his son Weirdo visit their school. JJ would love to be a firedog!

But when fire threatens to burn down a local building, they realise there's more to firefighting than just driving a big red truck. Will JJ and his latest invention save the day?

A PAWS-itively brilliant story from much-loved author Anh Do.

Featuring an amazing lenticular animated cover and bonus stickers!

Author bio:

Anh Do is one of Australia's best-loved storytellers. His series, including Wolf Girl, E-Boy and WeirDo are adored by millions of kids around the country.

Anton Emdin is an illustrator, designer and art director living and working in Sydney. His books include the Ninja Kid series by Anh Do.

6 - 10


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