This Dog: Ko Tenei Kuri - Ian Munro, Piripi Walker

This Dog: Ko Tenei Kuri - Ian Munro, Piripi Walker

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This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī” knows what it takes to be a best friend and he’s chosen, as his best friend, the clever and opportunistic blackbird that lives in his yard.

This Dog (Ko Tēnei Kurī) is Blackbird’s (Manu Pango) unconditionally loving, genuine, accepting, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, and steadfast friend; his loyal protector from That Cat (Tērā Ngeru) and a one-dog audience patiently listening to endless performances of Blackbird's song.

Rebecca Utting’s fun illustrations bring Ian Munro’s story to life in an authentic kiwi backyard, complete with resident kurī, ngeru, manu panga and pēpepe.

Piripi Walker’s literal translation keeps the words simple and clear, so each sentence flows when delivered aloud.

This Dog that is my dog digs up worms for me. Ko Tēnei Kurī, arā, taku kurī he kurī keri toke māku.


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