Therapy Chickens: Let the Wisdom of the Flock Bring You Joy - Tedra Hamel

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Find encouragement and inspiration with 50 bits of wisdom from adorable, charming, and fluffy therapy chickens.

Learn to be a little happier every day with Tedra Hamel's adorable and silly flock of hens in Therapy Chickens.

Life can be profound but also funny, exasperating, and downright weird—much like living with a flock of hens. Drawing inspiration from her own flock, author
Tedra Hamel's charming chicken art will make you laugh and teach you to be a good companion. With 50 bits of wisdom throughout this beautifully illustrated book, you will learn how to explore curiosity, embrace your true self, and let go of what holds you back.
Some bits of wisdom from these adorable chickens include:
Even if you can't fly, don't be afraid to stretch your wings. You may just get off the ground after all!
Listen to the squawk of others. There really may be a hawk flying overhead.
You don't have to have a huge house and lots of possessions to be happy. Your small coop is adorable, comfortable, and a wonderful home.
Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Connect with others and find your flock.
Organized by season, these bits of wisdom will teach life lessons all year round.

Embrace the advice from Therapy Chickens, and learn to be a little happier every day.


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