The Whodunnit Puzzle Book: 80 Cosy Crime Puzzles to Solve - Gareth Moore & Laura Jayne Ayres

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Summon your inner Miss Marple and get ready to deduce whodunnit in this fiendish collection of crime puzzles from Dr Gareth Moore.

Mischief is afoot, and you’ve been summoned to stop it – pit your wits against nefarious criminals and solve a town-ful of mysteries. Put your Agatha Christie hat on and find out if you’re sharp enough to catch the criminals before they cause any more trouble.

Featuring 10 scenarios, each scenario opens with a scene setting and notes made in the notebook of the investigator which lead you through a series of puzzles to the denouement.

With all kinds of puzzles, from sudoku to hanjie and word searches to ciphers, this book will put your wits to the test – so get your Agatha Christie on, grab a cup of tea and a pencil and get ready to snuggle up with this perplexing collection of cosy crime puzzles.


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