The Ultimate Reading Challenge for Kids! - Weldon Owen

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Complete a Goal, Open an Envelope, and Reveal Your Bookish Prize!

Following the original runaway-hit, The Ultimate Reading Challenge, comes this beautiful portfolio that deepens and expands a child’s love of reading with 15 unique challenges and cool prizes!

A reading challenge just for kids! Each pocket inside this portfolio presents young readers with a bookish challenge. Once a challenge is completed, it's time to open the pocket to claim an awesome prize!

While many reading challenges and programs are met by reading speed or quantity of books read, the challenges presented in The Ultimate Reading Challenge for Kids! are carefully designed to expand any young reader's experience with reading and create opportunities for accomplishment and success.

The perfect gift for both bookworms and reluctant readers, The Ultimate Reading Challenge for Kids! encourages young readers to connect with books in new and creative ways.

Challenges include:
• Read a book based on a true story.
• Watch a movie based on a book.
• Read outside.
• Read a book out loud. You could read to a sibling, parent, grandparent, or pet.
• Create a reading nook: Be creative! Closets, corners, and trees all make for great nooks.
And more!

Prizes include:
• A hologram bookmark
• Puffy stickers
• A rad keychain
• Bookplates
And more!


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