The Taming of the Cat - Helen Cooper

The Taming of the Cat - Helen Cooper

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From twice-Kate Greenaway winner comes an exquisite story within a story, featuring a mouse who is forced to tell stories to save his life, a cat who plans to eat said mouse as soon as the story is finished, and our protagonist's protagonist, a princess in trouble.

1001 Nights style story within a story - starring a lethal cat and a mouse with a storytelling knack. Within the pages of The Taming of the Cat is the adventure of a Princess who does not wish to be married. 

Written as a modern fairy story, this is a story about tolerance, outsiders, and non traditional partnerships. This illustrated story is accompanied with plenty of cheese, catnip, and magic feasts. There are two stories entwined: the story of Brie the mouse; and the fairytale he tells - Scheherazade-like, to Gorgonzola the cat.



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