Silence In Her Eyes

The Silence In Her Eyes - Armando Lucas Correa

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Bestselling author Armando Lucas Correa strikes out in a bold new direction with a psychological thriller about a young woman afflicted with ‘motion blindness’, who becomes convinced that her next-door neighbour is going to be murdered.  Perfect for readers of Before I Go to Sleep and The Silent Patient.

For as long as she can remember, twenty-eight-year-old Leah has suffered from akinetopsia – her eyes can’t process movement, only still images.  As she walks around her neighbourhood in Upper Manhattan, her white stick tapping the pavement, most people assume she’s blind.  But Leah sees a good deal, and she remembers every image her eyes capture.

Accustomed to a solitary life in her rambling apartment complex, Leah’s routine is thrown out of whack when someone new moves in next door.  Alice is beautiful and kind, but Leah can smell waves of anxiety coming off her.  As they become friends, confiding in each other, Alice opens up about her abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, who refuses to let her go.

Things take a turn for the worse when Leah hears Alice through the wall, begging for someone to help.  With no one to call and moments to act, Leah is forced to make a decision that will test her courage, her strength and ultimately her sanity.  But Leah is determined to help her new friend, even though the situation is dangerous at best – and deadly at worst.

'Stunning ... Paula Hawkins fans will devour this' Publishers Weekly





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