The Science of Plant-based Nutrition - Rhiannon Lambert

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An accessible guide to plant-based nutrition from the Sunday Times best-selling author

Overwhelming evidence indicates plant-based eating is the healthy way forward, both for people and the planet.

Leading nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert is here to equip you with everything you need to know about plant-based diets, separating fact from fiction, debunking diet myths, to help you and your family optimize healthy nutrition and avoid any of the pitfalls around going plant-based. This is simple, flexible, and scientifically rigorous advice.

Covering every conceivable topic - from the power of 30 plants and embracing the rainbow, through the role of gut bacteria in mental and physical health, to plant-based for kids, taking supplements, which oil you should use, which cooking method is healthiest, and plant based processed foods - this book offers clear answers supported by informative graphics. The Science of Plant-based Nutrition demystifies the hottest topics in healthy eating so you can embrace plant-based living with the maximum benefits.

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