The Queen's Resistance: The Queen's Rising #2 - Rebecca Ross

The Queen's Resistance: The Queen's Rising #2 - Rebecca Ross

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The epic sequel to THE QUEEN’S RISING: a tale of love, rebellion, alliance and betrayal, from the extraordinary Sunday Times and New York Times number-one-bestselling author of DIVINE RIVALS. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Maas and Shelby Mahurin.
Brienna and her new family have restored the rightful queen to the throne of Maevana. Now begins the difficult task of uniting the land’s fourteen proud, rebellious houses – and ensuring justice is served to the Lannons, the tyrannical monarchs who ruled over Maevana for so many years.

Brienna is fast becoming Queen Isolde’s most trusted counsellor; and with every day, the love she shares with Cartier deepens. But there are those who do not accept Brienna, unable to see beyond her past, while some remain faithful to the Lannons and would do anything to tear the new queen down. And when Brienna discovers the true, shocking identity of someone within the castle, it threatens everything she holds dear . . .



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