The Prepared Home: How to Stock, Organize, and Edit Your Home - Melissa George

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Turn your home into a sanctuary

When your home is ready for the many surprises life can bring, your whole family can enjoy everyday moments and stay at their best. Whether there’s a power outage, the Wi-Fi goes out, or you need to shelter at home, 
The Prepared Home is designed to help you prepare a plan and organize smart supplies that will help you thrive without letting them take over your space and your life. It’s your full-color guide to a stylish home that feels like a sanctuary in normal and in challenging times. You’ll discover how to . . .

- Transform your home from entertaining mode to ready-for-anything mode quickly and easily
- Discover clever and aesthetically pleasing ways to store essential items
- Assess your household’s needs and stock up on all the right things

The Prepared Home by Melissa George is just what you’ve been looking for to prioritize your family’s needs and take steps to make your home a place of calm, comfort, and beauty!



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