The Paris Affair - Fiona Schneider

The Paris Affair - Fiona Schneider

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society meets Lucinda Riley in this breath-taking story of how one woman's disappearance spurns the search of a lifetime.

In Paris 1942 a woman disappears in the middle of the night, leaving behind the man she loves.

French chef Sylvie was sent to Paris as part of the resistance, while German soldier Christoph is doing his duty to save his sister. As the two begin to discover the people beneath their uniforms, the rest of the world, and the war raging on, fades away. But Christoph can never know Sylvie’s identity, which might end up destroying him.

Sixty years later, Christoph’s health is declining, and his memories are fading. Having returned to Germany to help her mentor, Julia discovers a book filled with ‘the recipes of us’ and sets out to cook each dish in the hope of reviving Christoph.

As his memories resurface, Julia begins her own quest to find the woman he lost to the war. Can Julia discover the truth behind Sylvie and Christoph, or will it be too late?




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