The Other Mothers - Katherine Faulkner

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You want to be one of them. Until you know them.

You've been desperate for a story to launch your freelance career. But you want something else even more: new friends to help you navigate motherhood.

And then you see them at your son's new playgroup. The other mothers. Those sleek, sophisticated mothers. The women you want to be.

One of them welcomes them into their circle. And, on the other side of glass, their lives are exactly like the one you've always dreamt of; their elegant London townhouses a world away from your cramped basement flat - and your endless bills.

They seem to have it all. But they also have their secrets.

And it's soon clear that you can't trust everyone at playgroup.


The outstanding new thriller from the author of international bestseller, Greenwich Park

'This is The Undoing meets Big Little Lies' Abigail Dean
'The elevated, devourable thriller you've been looking for' Ashley Audrain
'Relentlessly twisty' Sarah Vaughan
'Next-level mum noir' Ellery Lloyd



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