The One That Got Away - Karly Lane

The One That Got Away - Karly Lane

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A delightfully entertaining new rural romance from Karly Lane, the bestselling author with over 550,000 books sold.

Alex Kelly's future is nearly sorted: she loves her dream job and her life in London. There's just one last step: selling the family home her father left her in the small Australian seaside town of Rockne Heads. The place Alex has spent almost two decades trying to forget.

Sully McCoy has spent the last twenty years distancing himself from his father's reputation and now he and his daughter have a good life in Rockne Heads. But suddenly Alex is back in town and turning his life upside down all over again.

Sully thought he'd never see her again. And Alex is making it perfectly clear that she's not here to relive old memories—she's here to end them once and for all.

As old wounds reopen, Alex fears the secret she vowed to take to her grave will be exposed. And this time, she won't be able to run.




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