The New Old Truck - Jennifer Somervell

The New Old Truck - Jennifer Somervell

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Old Truck graunches gears, backfires, won't start and often has to be towed. Retired, rejected and shut up in a shed, he feels old and useless. But to the children he is a much loved family member. Is this the end for their beloved Old Truck?

 This special story is now enhanced with material about the real Old Truck's American origin. Educational graphics and old photos show his heritage in a great line of Republics made in Alma, Michigan, USA; his long journey to New Zealand and his remarkable rescue and restoration on Silodale farm

Today the 'new' Old Truck spends his time out and about at vintage machinery rallies in New Zealand and has been featured in The Truck Journal, in newspapers and on TV.

28 pages



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