The Naturally Beautiful Garden - Kathryn Bradley-Hole

The Naturally Beautiful Garden - Kathryn Bradley-Hole

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More popular than ever, gardening is going green with the rise in interest in environmentally friendly gardening.

Gardening is trending, and today’s gardeners are embracing ecologically sound principles – conserving water; avoiding invasives; reducing chemicals; supporting wildlife; and reviving time-tested, organic practices. Featuring sites across a variety of climates and conditions, this book includes private and public gardens created with style and elegance where the goal is to work with, rather than against, nature – opting for plants suited to the site, using organic methods, supporting birds and pollinators, etc.

Interspersed throughout are stand-alone essays focused on key topics: meadows and prairie gardens; the importance of trees; structure and hardscaping; ornamental grasses; overcoming site challenges (xeriscaping, rain gardens, excess shade, less than ideal soils).

With over thirty-five gardens from across the globe – America, Britain, Europe, Morocco, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, the Caribbean – alongside photographs by leading garden photographers, including Clive Nichols, Marianne Majerus, Richard Bloom, Andrea Jones, and Alessio Mei, the book showcases the beauty and visual impact produced by eco-friendly garden principles.



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