The Midnight News - Jo Baker

The Midnight News - Jo Baker

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Riveting and moving, The Midnight News is a tour de force from acclaimed and bestselling author Jo Baker - a love story, a war story, and an unforgettable journey into the fragile mind and fierce heart of an extraordinary young woman

'A tour de force' IRISH TIMES

'Riveting and moving' NINA STIBBE

'Gripping' THE TIMES

'It had me by the throat' EMMA DONOGHUE

LONDON, 1940. As enemy planes fly over the city, twenty-year-old Charlotte Richmond is trying to make the best of things. She has a dull but steady job at the Ministry of Information, a friend to share gin and secrets with, and an attic room of her own. All she has to do is keep her head down. She knows where her father will send her if she makes a nuisance of herself again.

But amid the chaos of the Blitz, Charlotte's grip on reality starts slipping. Is someone following her in the blackouts, or is her mind playing tricks on her? In a city where nothing is safe, it's hard to know who to trust - until she meets the boy who feeds the birds . . .

'A late-night page-turner that will keep you guessing till the end' JOANNA QUINN

'Glorious' RED


'I stayed up late reading and was glad' SARAH MOSS


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