The Last Days of Joy - Anne Tiernan

The Last Days of Joy - Anne Tiernan

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A stunning novel about a family reeling in the wake of a devastating act. Sharply funny, intensely moving, and with a cast of unforgettable characters, The Last Days of Joy will make you laugh even as it moves you to tears.

Meet the Tobin family...

Joy, the complicated, troubled mother

She's spent her life running from her past while trying to raise her children as best she can.

Conor, the high-achieving son

A high-profile media figure and CEO, he's walking a fine line between self-promotion and self-detonation.

Frances, the 'perfect' middle child

Now a wife and mother, she's about to make a mistake that could destroy her marriage.

Youngest daughter, Sinead, the acclaimed writer

Wrestling with writer's block, she resorts to desperate measures to deliver her next bestselling book to her publishers.

When Joy's children receive the news that she has only days to live, they rush to her side. Each is at a crossroads in their lives - but there's one last secret they need to know about Joy...


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