The Homestead in the Eucalypts - Leonie Kelsall

The Homestead in the Eucalypts - Leonie Kelsall

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An entrancing new rural romance from the bestselling author of The Blue Gum Camp.

'Leonie Kelsall is becoming the voice of the South Australian rural outback.' Beauty and Lace on The Blue Gum Camp

When student doctor Taylor Lawrence's city life is turned upside down, she seeks sanctuary on her grandparents' farm in the South Australian countryside.

During the lonely nights, she fantasises of a time long-gone; of Anna, who, rising at dawn to milk the cows and fetch water from the well, is caught in a bushfire that threatens to leave her reputation as blackened as the surrounding bushland. And of Anna's rescuer, fellow settler, Luke Hartmann.

Reality blurs as Taylor repeatedly escapes into Anna's world, and she realises she must discover whether her dreams are pure fantasy—or if they recount a story more familiar than she could ever imagine.

Either way, it seems she'll end up with a broken mind or a broken heart. The problem is, Taylor is no longer sure which she would prefer.




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