The History of Britain In Just A Minute - Gyles Brandreth

The History of Britain In Just A Minute - Gyles Brandreth

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Gyles Brandreth's witty guide to British history, from Stonehenge and Boudicca to Brexit and Megxit, in delightful 60-second instalments - now in paperback

The story of us - without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Join national treasure and Just a Minute regular Gyles Brandreth on a hilariously addictive romp through British history.  This isn't just another history book - there's a catch!  From Stonehenge and Boudicca to Megxit and Brexit, each topic is written in 60-second installments, without hesitation, repetition, or deviation.

A History of Britain in Just a Minute celebrates key moments, people and places from our past: kings and queens, heroes and villains, triumphs and disasters, inventions and events, battles and bonnets, art, science, literature, entertainment, sport, gossip, and more.  Some entries are uninterrupted minutes, while others feature challenges for repetition and even, er...hesitation.  You'll even find other Just a Minute panellists occasionally grabbing the pen to regale us with their witty takes on history.

You've never heard the history of Britain told quite like this. You'll enjoy every uproarious minute of it!





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