The Eel Hunt - Jennifer Somervell

The Eel Hunt - Jennifer Somervell

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It's summer in the '70s and an idea is hatched to go eel hunting on the Manawatu River. With home-made spears, under the cloak of darkness, the intrepid eelers set off. But everything does not go according to plan. The river is darker and deeper than expected, the eels are slippery and determined not to be caught , and a gruesome discovery is made....

Eeling was common in the 1960s and '70s when eels were large and plentiful in New Zealand. Learn how our unique longfin eel is now threatened and needs our protection.

Contains substantial educational material in an 'Eel Facts' section at the back of the book focussing on the New Zealand native longfin eel - its life cycle, 'At Risk - Declining' status and measures to help protect it.

28 pages



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