The Dragon Hunters (Dragon Brothers Trilogy #1) - James Russell

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Celebrating The Dragon Hunters 10 Year Anniversary
- The Dragon Hunters has been out for 10 years! The trilogy has sold over 100,000 copies; half of those in New Zealand.

When a passing dragon decides to swipe their dog Coco, brothers Flynn and Paddy decide they should do something about it.  In the dead of night they pack their bags, make some terrible sandwiches and, setting off before dawn, embark on a rescue mission.  Finding the dog and its captor turned out to be easy; it was rescuing Coco that was the hard part...

This book does some amazing things.  Download the free AR Reads app from the App Store or Google Play and .... bring the map on the endpapers to 3D life; or have the author read the book to you. 

The Dragon Hunters is the first of The Dragon Brothers trilogy of children's books.

Dragon Tamers and Dragon Riders are also available.

Picture Book 
Ages 2-6

For older readers; this author also has the Dragon Defenders (Books 1-5) available - also books that come alive with the help of AR. 
Both these series of book are firm favourites in this store.  

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