The Day My Dog Got Famous - Jen Carney

The Day My Dog Got Famous - Jen Carney

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A laugh-out-loud, caper of an adventure with family and friendship at its heart from Jen Carney, the author and illustrator of the B.U.G series.

A few things you should know about Ferris Foster:

1. He’s the cartooning genius behind ASTOUNDOG (star of The Hoot, available exclusively in his school playground)
2. His best friend is his actual dog, Aldo who is anything but astounding
3. He’s had 13 foster brothers and 8 foster sisters and now he’s about to meet his new foster sister, Tia, for the first time
4. His NEMESIS is his totally annoying neighbour Destiny Dean!

When Destiny boasts about videos of her dog, Princess Foo-Foo, going viral, Ferris foolishly claims that Aldo can easily become a BIGGER internet star.

There's just one problem: Aldo has about as much talent as a teaspoon.

Then Ferris and Tia accidentally film Aldo doing what looks like an amazing trick . . . will Aldo finally live up to the name of his comic book alter-ego and wow the world with his skills or is this about to be the biggest EPIC FAIL ever?

Perfect for fans of Danny Wallace, Liz Pichon and Katie Kirby - buckle up, you’re in for a dog-tastic adventure, packed with comic strips and cartoons!



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