The Champ #1 - Anh Do

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From spectator to superstar, that's The Champ!  A brilliant new series from number one bestselling author Anh Do.

Summer loves sport.  She would love to charge down the field towards an open goal, or soar through the air over the basket.  She would love to be part of a team.  But instead she always seems to be the last one picked.

That is until the day her life changes forever… Until the day Summer becomes THE CHAMP.

But even the Champ will have her work cut out for her if she is going to keep her brother, her best friend and her whole town safe from the dastardly plans of the wicked Librarian…

Our biggest Wolf Girl fan recommends this as a great read

Anh Do is one of Australia's best-loved storytellers.  His series, including Wolf Girl, Pow Pow Pig and Sky Dragon are adored by millions of kids around the country.



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