The Blue Gum Camp - Leonie Kelsall

The Blue Gum Camp - Leonie Kelsall

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When the very sensible Charity meets the 'sworn-off-women-forever' Lachlan on a wild weekend at a Bachelors and Spinsters ball, what could possibly go wrong…or is there a chance it could all go impossibly, incredibly right?

Charity Farrugia is too sensible to believe she'll find love in a paddock.

After all, at thirty-four, she's the responsible one with the secure career and the mortgage. The one who raised her two sisters when their mother got sick. The cautious one with strong reservations about Faith and Hope spending a weekend in the country at a Bachelors and Spinsters Ball.

Lachlan MacKenzie might be divorced, but his cheating ex isn't why he avoids dating—only his brother Hamish knows that secret. But keeping an eye out for Hamish has become part of Lachlan's life, so he reluctantly permits himself to be dragged to the local B&S.

Charity has no intention of allowing her chaperone duties to be side-tracked. But meeting the intriguing farmer—who seems as reluctant as her to be at the B&S—might be an opportunity to prove to her sisters that she does have a wild side after all.

But will she discover that what happens in the country sometimes refuses to stay in the country?



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