The Beginner’s Guide to Urban Sketching: Everything You Need to Know to Capture Your Favorite Places in Ink and Watercolor - Taria Dawson

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Oh, The Places You’ll Sketch!

Capture the world as it lives and breathes in the pages of your sketchbook. Taria Dawson, creator of the popular blog Urban Sketching World, makes it easy to draw on location. Using the art form’s loose, colorful and spontaneous method, you’ll learn to create sentimental impressions of the places where you live and travel. And all with minimal supplies!

Transform the everyday mundane into something magical as you work through focused lessons that build on each other to create full scenes of popular settings. Record your favorite dining experiences, covering everything from the restaurant’s atmosphere to your food’s mouthwatering textures. Chronicle the changing landscape of your home city as you illustrate the ornate architecture of old buildings next to budding skyscrapers. Or relax and unwind at the park as you practice introducing organic shapes and motion into your visual stories.

Full of tips for drawing everything from simple road signs to iconic city skylines, this is the perfect guide to help you document all your sketchy adventures, no matter where you are or where you go.


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