The Asian Kitchen - Ryland Peters & Small

The Asian Kitchen - Ryland Peters & Small

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Fresh, tasty, and bursting with nutritious ingredients and lively flavors, the food of South East and East Asia has never been more popular and is showcased here in 65 delicious recipes.

Food from Eastern corners of the world is often thought of as some of the most exciting and enticing on the planet. Whether umami-rich with Japanese miso or soy sauce, spiked with gently building layers of aromatic Indian spices, or stuffed with fragrant Thai herbs, chile, and garlic, each mouthful packs a big flavor punch.

This collection of aromatic and sizzling hot recipes is a must for any lover of more exotic and adventurous food. Whether you need inspiration for appetizers and fingerfoods, for sharing with drinks, or speedy weekday dishes, you’ll find the perfect recipe here.

Try Spiced Fishcakes from Thailand; Vietnamese Summer Rolls; or a spicy Indonesian Fiery Beef Satay. Quick and easy recipes for soups and noodle bowls include Sunshine Laksa or a Chicken Pad Thai. For an even more substantial meal, try a Thai Green Cauli Curry, Sweet & Sour Orange Chicken; or Citrus Ahi Tuna with Yuhu Dipping Sauce.

Vibrant, fresh, healthy, and prepared in a snip, Asian food is the modern way to eat well every day and this essential collection of recipes provides all the inspiration you need.



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