The Anaconda Attack (#1 Miles and Jones) - Sam Smith

The Anaconda Attack (#1 Miles and Jones) - Sam Smith

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Shackleton: WHOA WHOA WHOA. ANACONDA attack?! Don't worry, there aren't any giant, kid-eating snakes in this book. I'm just having my best friend Amelia for a sleepover. Right? ... RIGHT?!

Say goodbye to the rickety bridge ... the perfect playground ... the skyscraper tree ... the BEST PARK EVER has just been cursed by an evil ultra-villain! It's up to best friends Shackleton and Amelia to save their favourite place, no matter what crazy curses turn up along the way.

What do you get if you cross The Bad Guys with Indiana Jones? The first book in a brand-new graphic novel series by comedian Sam Smith (7 Days, Taskmaster NZ, The Traitors NZ) with illustrations by Cesar Lador.


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