The Actor - Chris MacDonald

The Actor - Chris MacDonald

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The glamour of Hollywood and the dark secrets that lie behind it: a brilliantly written and irresistibly suspenseful novel, from an author who knows all about the world he's writing about.

At long last, Adam Sealey has an Oscar within reach.  Working with his controversial former mentor, Jonathan, he's given the performance of a lifetime, and he almost believes it might be worth the cost.

Because Adam subscribes to "the method".  It's the secret that the world's greatest actors swear by - digging into their darkest, most personal traumas to bring a role to life.  And Adam's greatest trauma is worse than most.  Back in drama school, he had to choose between a girl he loved and the success he craved.  What he did that night is his darkest secret.

And then he gets a message: someone knows. And if they tell, everything Adam's worked for will come crashing down.


This compelling psychological thriller set in the acting world is both uncompromising and unsettling, with deeply layered characters and a narrative voice that grabs you from the opening line and won’t let you go. Fascinating.

Alex Michaelides




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