That’s Another Big Book! Volume #2: Contains 13 Stories! - Sally Rippin

That’s Another Big Book! Volume #2: Contains 13 Stories! - Sally Rippin

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Jack and his friends love birthday parties, camping holidays and building hide-outs. If there's an adventure to be had, Jack will be there!  

From the Australian Children’s Laureate Sally Rippin comes this fantastic and beloved first chapter-book series. Every story follows Jack, a friendly, everyday kid who loves playing with his best friend, Billie. Created to help build emotional literacy, every book in the Hey Jack! series explores a particular emotion – such as worry, happiness, excitement or disappointment – in a relatable way for young readers. Whether it’s about friends, family or feelings, there’s no challenge Jack can’t figure out!  

With more than 10 million books in print around the world, best-selling author Sally Rippin has helped a generation of readers love learning to read. Every Hey Jack! book is carefully designed with short chapters, decodable vocabulary and lots of illustrations, and there are no mountains of text or super-tricky words to intimidate the early reader. And there’s plenty of stories in the series to explore!   

Hey Jack! That’s Another Big Book includes 13 fun stories:

  1. The Top Team
  2. The Playground Problem
  3. The Best Party Ever
  4. The Big Adventure
  5. The Bravest Kid
  6. The Toy Sale
  7. The Other Teacher
  8. The Party Invite
  9. The Extra-special Group
  10. The Star of the Week
  11. The Big Mess
  12. The Class Party
  13. The Book Buddies 



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