Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2- Sue Heazlewood

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Winner of 'Best in the World Gourmand World Cookbook Awards' in two categories - Oceania Children's Book, and Illustrations.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Tangleby Gardens.

Sue Heazlewood has a huge passion for cooking, gardening and children. She has six children of her own who are all very close in age. There are three boys and three girls who are all adults now.

After creating her dream garden, she decided to include a rather elaborate playhouse in preparation for the arrival of potential grandchildren. While she was decorating the playhouse her mind wandered onto an imaginary life there, with talking animals.

'And so my beautiful and smart characters were born.'

Second in the 'Tails of Tangleby Gardens' following on from the first with 10 chapters, 160 illustrations, 36 recipes with QR-codes. The story is based around actual areas of Tangleby Gardens, in Ohoka. This is a great book for children to learn to cook and in the process bonding with parent. Children will gain confidence and satisfaction from being able to make something for their family and friends to enjoy.

The recipes are in three stages of ability – very easy, easy and some skill required.


The author has a passion for cooking, gardening and children, and these loves shine through in this gorgeous hardback. It has a slightly retro feel with the illustrations, story and recipes. The illustrations are suitably dreamy and in a soft colour palette to complement the story. The recipe images are fun, a blend of photography of the dish with illustrations of the various creatures added. 
— Karen McMillan of www.nzbooklovers.co.nz
There are colour illustrations on every page, the work of Jane Smith, a Mapua artist and designer, who has succeeded brilliantly in creating the various animals, dressing them appropriately and fitting them together in scale. The best picture shows Montgomery and Hemi echanging a hongi; the rabbit and the frog are formally dressed, complete with bowler hat and cufflinks but both have carefully removed their spectacles so they can press noses.

Neil Smith’s fine photos of the food have been carefully adapted so that the animals painted by Jane Smith also appear in them. The various animals can be seen cutting up sausage rolls and cakes, squeezing lime juice on to rainbow fruit salad, or simply enjoying the first bite of various dishes.
— Trevor Agnew of www.magpies.net.au

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