Stitch with One Line: 33 Easy-to-Embroider Minimalist Designs - Matina Unterfrauner

Stitch with One Line: 33 Easy-to-Embroider Minimalist Designs - Matina Unterfrauner

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The 30-Day Embroidery Challenge is an easy-to-follow program for beginning stitchers to learn embroidery basics, master new stitches, and create dozens of modern embroidery projects.

Challenge yourself to learn dozens of embroidery stitches and use them to create 30 simple projects that are ready to display. If you've always wanted to learn embroidery but havent known where to start, The 30-Day Embroidery Challenge is the perfect way to jump-start your creativity and get stitching.  Even if youve never picked up a needle, you will quickly learn everything you need to know to master embroidery.

After an overview of embroidery basics, author Jessica Anderson shows you how to create-each day for 30 days-one new stitch and one embroidery design that features that stitch. The easy-to-follow projects include a variety of popular modern motifs such as flowers, birds, houseplants, rainbows, and more, and only take an hour or two, or less, to complete.

As the book progresses, you will strengthen your skills with designs that combine multiple stitches. You can do one project per day in order or follow your own schedule and pick and choose.

By the time youve stitched your way through the book, you will have an amazing collection of embroidery designs to hang up and display your skill and creativity.

This complete course in embroidery includes: Everything you need to know to gather supplies, set up your hoops, and prep your threads and needles.  30 essential and more-unusual embroidery stitches clearly shown in step-by-step illustrations.  30 simple modern embroidery designs you can complete in a hour or two.  Easy-to-transfer templates of all the designs.  Tips for finishing and showing off your hoops Ideas for embellishing tote bags, jewelry, and more with the embroidery designs.  Two bonus challenge projects to stretch your newfound skills

Embroidery is one of the most popular and versatile crafts and is ideal for beginners. Its affordable, can be done almost anywhere, and doesnt require years of practice to achieve great results.  If you're new to embroidery or want to learn new stitches and expand your repertoire, The 30-Day Embroidery Challenge will give you the inspiration and know-how you need to take joy in this lifelong skill and creative endeavor.

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