Stinky Wonky Donkey  - Craig Smith

Stinky Wonky Donkey - Craig Smith

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From the internationally bestselling creators of The Wonky Donkey comes a brand-new hysterical rhyming tale about finding your best friends, with an explosive twist.

Get ready to hee and haw as Wonky Donkey asks his daughter "Which animal do you like best?" The hilarity is nonstop in this rhyming romp.

Dinky's friends list includes reindeer, horses, camels, antelopes, and zebras.  Wonky grins and tells "They all have hooves! You're hoof-hearted." Dinky discovers that Granny and Mommy are hoof-hearted, too. Then Wonky tells her to pull his hoof. And... POOF!

Kids young and old will laugh out loud at Wonky's "who farted" joke. With tons of hees and haws, Craig Smith and Katz Cowley have created yet another sweet and laugh-out-loud story that is destined to be the next Wonky Donkey bestseller.



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