Spot It! World Atlas (Look & Find) - Megan McKean

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Spot it! World Atlas is a gorgeous and vibrant look-and-find children's atlas for kids aged 3+.
Travel around each continent and discover the icons that are special to each country.  Explore Europe and spot the Eiffel Tower in France or a scrumptious pizza in Italy.  Trek to Africa and spot the pyramids in Egypt.  Journey to Asia and spot a bamboo-eating panda in China or the gleaming Taj Mahal in India.  Cruise to Oceania and spot colorful fish swimming in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.  Roam the wildernesses of Canada in North America and spot a moose, then navigate to South America and spot a soccer ball in Brazil.
Written and illustrated by the talented Megan McKean, children will be happily occupied, at home or on the go, searching for iconic animals, buildings, food and more, while learning interesting facts about countries around the world.​


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