See You In September - Charity Norman

See You In September - Charity Norman

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It was supposed to be just a short holiday... but when Cassy is lured to an idyllic valley called Gethsemane it's years before her friends and family see her again. Can her family rescue her before it's too late? A dazzling, gripping new novel about a young woman lured into a clutches of a doomsday cult by its charismatic leader, Justin.


'A big, gripping and heartbreaking read . . . I couldn't put it down.' Daily Mail

'Norman does a fine job delving into the insidious psychology of cults . . . It's a creepy portrayal of an ordinary young woman, feeling the lure of total belonging, who is groomed into accepting a sinister price for it.' The Sydney Morning Herald

After breaking up with her boyfriend mid-holiday, Cassy spontaneously accepts an invitation to stay in an idyllic farming collective. Overcome by the peace and beauty of the valley, and swept up in the charisma of Justin, the community's leader, Cassy is convinced that she has to stay.

As Cassy becomes more and more entrenched in the group's rituals and beliefs, her frantic parents fight to bring her home before Justin's prophesied Last Day can come to pass. Can her family rescue her before it's too late?

A powerful story of family, faith and finding yourself, See You in September is an unputdownable novel from this hugely exciting author.

'Charity Norman writes compelling tales that make you think, keep you guessing and capture the mind and the heart … See You In September is an intricate and disturbing venture into the depths of a cult; what draws you in and what keeps you there. It's also a look into family, friendship, faith and the state of the world. Compelling reading!' - Beauty and Lace


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