Secret Heroes of World War II: Spies, scientists and other heroes - Eric Chaline

Secret Heroes of World War II: Spies, scientists and other heroes - Eric Chaline

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World War II had many influential figures, whose incredible acts of bravery, skill and intelligence helped to turn the tide of the war. But few of them receive the recognition their actions deserve. In Secret Heroes of World War II, we meet the engineers, scientists, agents, even holy men, who were key to shaping the Allied war effort.

Discover the unbelievable stories of:

  • Nancy Wake, the ‘outspoken, unstoppable Antipodean’, who became the most decorated Allied servicewoman of the war. She organised and led one of the most formidable Resistance groups in central France and was infamous to the Gestapo due to their inability to capture her.
  • Hugh O’Flaherty, the priest who hid thousands of Allied POWs and Jews in the Vatican, while narrowly avoiding German assassination attempts.
  • Pioneers including Alan Turing and J. Robert Oppenheimer, whose intellects were key to devastating advancements in strategy and weaponry.

The motives of those featured in this book vary, as do their methods. Some were prepared to deceive, betray, and even kill in order to achieve their goals, while others bravely offered nonviolent resistance. Although a number of these heroes survived the war, many met a brutally violent end. 

Full of photographs, backstories, anecdotes and detailed accounts of incredible people, Heroes of World War II is a captivating compendium of wartime heroism. 


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