Sea-Light - Dinah Hawken

Sea-Light - Dinah Hawken

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The poems in Dinah Hawken’s Sea-light illuminate the forces—personal, ecological and political—that are re-forming our lives. They light upon small details in their search for peace and connection in an unsettled world. And they are always open to what the sea, in its persistent breaking and reconvening, can teach us.

‘It is personal, it can be political, and it is people-rich. These vital themes and the trademark luminous writing are here again, in poetry that digs deeper into existence, linking girl to woman, life and death, peace ahead of war, the power of silence and the power of the spoken.’ —Paula Green, Kete

‘Few writers have the skill to return to the land and the sea with such originality and genuine knowing as Hawken.’ —Sarah Jane Barnett, NZ Booksellers


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