Rob's Kitchen - Sophia Cameron

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This isn't your ordinary recipe book!  It is a book filled with a lifetime of memories and a passion for cooking.

New Zealand author Sophia Cameron has produced a stunning book in memory of her Canterbury-born mother Robyn, who spent most of the '80s travelling the world studying different cuisines, from the streets of Morocco to the coastlines of Greece.

One of her biggest learnings from the Mediterranean region was the importance of gatherings - bringing large or small groups together around the table to share simple dishes over long conversations.  Whether it's a long Sunday lunch, a beach party or a simple girls' afternoon tea, these dishes are Sophia's interpretation of recipes that had meaning to Rob.

As well as over 60 recipes Rob's Kitchen features menu suggestions for different occasions, with recipes that have been created from Robyn's diaries, memories of her cooking, and actual written recipes. Unfortunately Rob could not complete the book so Sophia has finished it for her.

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