Play With Your Cat - Dr Mikel Maria Delgado

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The expert guide to a happier and healthier feline

Why interactive play is essential for your cat's wellbeing and how to do it well

'Cats love to play: here is THE book that shows you how to join in! And your cat will thank you for it' John Bradshaw, Sunday Times bestselling author of In Defence of Dogs and Cat Sense

'Trust me, Play with your Cat is an indispensable addition to any cat lover's library!' Jackson Galaxy, New York Times bestselling author and star of My Cat from Hell

What does a cat need besides food, a comfortable home and access to a good vet? PLAY!

This practical guide from leading cat behaviour scientist Mikel Delgado explains how interactive play is at the centre of your cat's overall health. Revealing how it mimics the hunting experience that shaped cats' evolution, Play With Your Cat! includes:

- Advice on selecting toys and setting up your home environment for the perfect play session
- Guidance on specific play techniques to exercise your cat's body and mind
- Tips on engaging nonchalant, anxious and uninterested kitties
- How to use play to address behavioural issues like aggression and litter-box avoidance.

With charming illustrations to demonstrate different techniques and evidence-based advice to help you deepen your relationship with your furry friend, this is an essential handbook for cat owners everywhere.

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