Pierre the Maze Detective: The Curious Case of the Castle in the Sky

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Travel to Canal City and the world-famous Castle in the Sky for hours of maze-puzzling fun in this intriguing activity book!

The waterways and streets of Canal City are bustling with people as crowds gather on the eve of the Maze Egg carnival. But a mysterious organisation announces its plans to steal the egg and it is up to Pierre the Maze Detective, his trusty sidekick Carmen and YOU to stop the egg from falling into the wrong hands! Make your way through 15 beautifully illustrated mazes, solve puzzles and find the hidden objects that Pierre and Carmen need to solve the mystery and save the day.

Join the adventure as you weave through canals on a gondola, find your way through a crowded masquerade ball and take a sunset balloon trip across the sea. Hours of puzzle fun for all maze detectives aged 8+.


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