Peter and the Wolf: Wolves Come in Many Disguises - Gavin Friday

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An incredible retelling of the well-loved classic story Peter and the Wolf - with a twist. Enter the fairytale world first created by Sergei Prokofiev and now re-imagined into an enchanting graphic masterpiece of love and loss by award-winning musicians, Gavin Friday and Bono.

"Gavin's retelling of the classic 
Peter and the Wolf story is as original as he is...sometimes a story like this can sneak into your heart and never leave. To see some of my illustrations evolve in this reimagining is a thrill." - Bono

When a wolf is found roaming the woods, Peter's grandfather warns him to stay at home. But Peter, who is mourning the loss of a parent, decides to venture into the deep, dark woods in search of this creature.




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