Pablo and Splash: Time-Travelling Penguins - Sheena Dempsey

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Join time-travelling penguins Pablo and Splash on an unexpected adventure to the time of the dinosaurs in this brilliantly funny full-colour graphic novel. 

Antarctic penguins Pablo and Splash are polar opposites and besties for life.  Pablo is a home-bird and a careful planner.  Splash is easily bored and hungry for adventure.  Sick to her flippers of the harsh, freezing weather, Splash persuades Pablo to go on a holiday with her.  But far from the luxury beach destination that Splash has in mind, the pair end up in a time-travel machine that takes them back to the age of the dinosaurs!  Suddenly their icy homeland doesn't seem so dull .

'Joyful, fun and very silly indeed' Louie Stowell, author of 
Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good

This is the first book in a series and further time-travel adventures await for Pablo and Splash.




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