Origami for Little Hands - Sayaka Hodoshima

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A super fun origami book for kids, this book is perfect for young minds and little hands! Learn to make a penguin or a boat, butterfly, and crab amongst many other things.

The papercraft projects featured in this must-have origami book are adorable as they are fun to make. With every project organized by category (animals, the sea, the farm, hearts, decorations, and objects), kids ages 4-7 will be entertained for hours as they learn how to origami over 30 awesome paper crafts.

Featuring step-by-step instructions, easy-to-follow visual guides, directional folding arrow illustrations, information on paper, and a helpful abbreviation chart, Origami for Little Hands is a fun and exciting craft guide that makes for a great introduction to making amazing paper crafts with just a few folds while following directions, feeding their imagination, and improving their concentration and dexterity.

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