One Last Summer - Kate Spencer

One Last Summer - Kate Spencer

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A dreamy, laugh-out-loud summer romance that asks: What do you do when the life you've planned isn't what you've dreamed?

Camp Pine Lake has always played a central role in Clara Millen's life, first as a camper and then as a counselor in her late teens. Even now that she's thirty, she returns every August with her closest friends to help close up the camp for the fall and, more importantly, relive memories and experiences that fill her with joy. But when burn-out and an awful break-up inspire Clara to quit her job (in front of the entire office!), her annual vacation turns into a much-needed escape from reality.

But when she arrives, she faces yet another unwelcome change: the owners are retiring, and selling Pine Lake Camp. The news turns her plans for revelry into a night of reminiscing . . . and prompts a surprise heart-to-heart between Clara and Mack, her childhood camp nemesis and constant competitor, who's just as annoying (and annoyingly handsome).

Soon the campfires aren't all that's throwing off sparks. And when one wildly passionate night turns into two (then too many to count!), Clara begins to see Mack in a new light and offers to help him put together a presentation to buy Pine Lake. But when Clara's old job offers her everything she's worked so hard for, if only she'll come back, Clara will need to decide if the life she's always wanted is the life that makes her feel truly alive.


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